[LEDE-DEV] incoming connections on multiple WANs

Mauro M. openwrt at ezplanet.net
Mon Feb 13 04:13:21 PST 2017

I configured one of my routers with 2 x WAN using mwan3 package.

All is OK when the requests are outgoing.

There is a routing issue with incoming connections.

In practical terms I can have incoming connections only on the WAN  interface that
is configured with the lowest default metric (set at  interface level, not mwan3).
Any connection to the other WAN would not succeed because response packets go back
through the wrong interface.

This a classic routing problem that could be solved using a combination of ip route
and iptables manual configuration. However this is made more difficult because
there are already default routes rules created by mwan3.

Does LEDE cover this use case using uci/luci configuration?


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