[LEDE-DEV] Makefile question

John Crispin john at phrozen.org
Fri Feb 10 21:37:19 PST 2017

On 11/02/2017 06:33, David Lang wrote:
> On Fri, 10 Feb 2017, Philip Prindeville wrote:
>> Hi.
>> I was wondering if there’s an obvious place to install a hook that’s:
>> (a) after all the packages have been installed;
>> (b) before the root filesystem image gets finalized;
>> I’d like to be able to run some simple sed scripts inside the
>> root-to-be directory to make some changes, maybe do an rm
>> etc/rc.d/S??sshd so that the sshd service is installed but isn’t
>> enabled by default, maybe inject a new root password or create an
>> extra user login, etc.
>> That sort of thing.
>> I looked around through the makefiles but nothing stood out.
>> Should be easy, right?
> some of what you are talking about can be done by putting the
> replacement files in the /files heirarchy and they will replace the
> files created by the packages.
> This can't eliminate the /etc/rc.d/S* files as it only adds files, and
> it's not as flexibile as adding a user or changing a password (as it
> would just let you replace the /etc/passwd, /etc/shadow files, not
> modify them).
> If you look for where the /files/* are copied into the filesystem, that
> is probably the place you would want to add your scripting hooks.
> David Lang

jow posted some instructions on how to overload parts of a packages
install template using one of buildroots built-in features, but i am
failing to find the mail in the archive.


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