[LEDE-DEV] massive speed-loss using 'make defconfig'

Bastian Bittorf bb at npl.de
Thu Feb 9 08:13:52 PST 2017

* Jo-Philipp Wich <ledeprojectorg at gmail.com> [07.02.2017 15:20]:
> Check "git log scripts/config/" and compare the complexity & size of
> "./scripts/metadata.pl config tmp/.packageinfo" in OpenWrt with
> "./scripts/package-metadata.pl config tmp/.packageinfo" on LEDE.

is 'make menuconfig' also using 'package-metadata.pl'?

I ask, because start 'menuconfig' and selecting/unselecting
symbols with the GUI is very fast, but the same operation - is'nt it?

bye, bastian

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