[LEDE-DEV] Backporting stuff to lede-17.01

Rafał Miłecki zajec5 at gmail.com
Thu Feb 2 03:32:19 PST 2017


There are few changes that recently went into master and I'd like to
see in lede-17.01. Let me what do you think, if backporting any of
these is a bad idea.

1) bgmac support for external PHYs
6a853776a502 ("kernel: backport bgmac support for external PHYs")
This adds support for some AP devices that don't have external switch
or just don't use internal one. Driver is used by brcm47xx/mips74k and
bcm53xx, I can test it (and I do) with both targets.

2) hostapd support for complete logging
37b489fe0417 ("hostapd: backport support for sending debug messages to
the syslog")
This allows reading all error messages (and debugging ones if you
enable them) from the syslog (logread command). I find it very
important for debugging wireless/hostapd issues. This is a pretty
simple single hostapd patch.

3) brcmfmac update
There were quite a few improvements/fixes for brcmfmac. That includes
small fixes & debugging improvements. There are still some people
reporting problems with brcmfmac so getting useful info even with
17.01 release would be desired.
We use brcmfmac for BCM43602 & BCM4366 PCIe devices and we support 4
routers with these. I own 3 of them so my testing should have a good
One minor risk is I can't test brcmfmac with Raspberry Pi. The good
thing is that all patches were backported separately (and in few
commits) so any regression should be trivial to track.


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