[LEDE-DEV] 3G support for dwr-512

Mathias Kresin dev at kresin.me
Mon Oct 31 12:19:47 PDT 2016

31.10.2016 19:32, Cezary Jackiewicz:
> Dnia 2016-10-31, o godz. 19:17:38
> "Giuseppe Lippolis" <giu.lippolis at gmail.com> napisał(a):
>> Hallo,
>> I'm completing the support for the dlink dwr-512 adding the support for 3G.
>> In order to enable the 3G modem the following step need to be performed:
>> 1) write '1' to the gpio18 (it should switch on the modem)
> ucidef_add_gpio_switch in /etc/board.d/03_gpio_switches?

If it's fine to have the 3G modem enabled all the time, please add a 
gpio-export node to your device tree source file. The same is done to 
enable usb power for some boards. Have a look at 
for an example.


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