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Vincenzo Romano vincenzo.romano at notorand.it
Tue Oct 25 08:26:02 PDT 2016

Just my humble opinion.
That piece of software looks great.
Isn't there any other free (as in beer) alternative?
Vincenzo Romano - NotOrAnd.IT
Information Technologies

2016-10-25 17:03 GMT+02:00 Ted Hess <lede at kitschensync.net>:
> Hi all -
> First off, thanks for all the feedback, suggestions and volunteers. For
> starters, and perhaps to become permanent, we have set up a copy of Discourse
> (http://discourse.org) for testing and evaluation. It is a very popular package
> for new organizations and it has a pretty active community and support.
> Discourse puts a high demand on the user's client software capabilities and may
> present some problems to users of screen readers. We would like to ask those
> using screen readers to take a look at our site and give us your opinions with
> respect the accessibility of our forum.
> Before we can "go live" for everyone all accounts need to be admin approved.
> This will be a quick and very liberal process. Admins currently are: Rich Brown
> (richb-hanover), Thomas Endt (tmomas), myself, jow & blogic. If we get enough
> interest and no one has good reasons not to proceed, and we have success setting
> up the forum categories and site description (Welcome, ToS, FAQ, etc), we can go
> live and allow open general self-registration. We will not be allowing anonymous
> posting.
> For those not wishing to use the forum site directly, once you have registered
> you will be able reply to topics via e-mail. Additionally, we may enable the
> ability to post new topics via e-mail to users with advanced trust levels to
> certain categories.
> During this initial startup period, we reserve the right to:
>  * Take the site off-line for maintenance and reconfiguration.
>  * Remove unwanted posts and uploaded content.
>  * Revoke privileges and/or remove unwanted accounts.
> So, visit the site, sign-up and post us a note. We will try to respond to all
> requests. Try things out, send me or another admin any requests for site
> configuration changes - or better yet, post a topic for those discussions.
> And yes, Github logins are possible once you are registered.
> /ted
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