[LEDE-DEV] LEDE Forum - Startup mode

Ted Hess lede at kitschensync.net
Tue Oct 25 08:03:05 PDT 2016

Hi all -

First off, thanks for all the feedback, suggestions and volunteers. For
starters, and perhaps to become permanent, we have set up a copy of Discourse
(http://discourse.org) for testing and evaluation. It is a very popular package
for new organizations and it has a pretty active community and support. 

Discourse puts a high demand on the user's client software capabilities and may
present some problems to users of screen readers. We would like to ask those
using screen readers to take a look at our site and give us your opinions with
respect the accessibility of our forum.

Before we can "go live" for everyone all accounts need to be admin approved.
This will be a quick and very liberal process. Admins currently are: Rich Brown
(richb-hanover), Thomas Endt (tmomas), myself, jow & blogic. If we get enough
interest and no one has good reasons not to proceed, and we have success setting
up the forum categories and site description (Welcome, ToS, FAQ, etc), we can go
live and allow open general self-registration. We will not be allowing anonymous

For those not wishing to use the forum site directly, once you have registered
you will be able reply to topics via e-mail. Additionally, we may enable the
ability to post new topics via e-mail to users with advanced trust levels to
certain categories.

During this initial startup period, we reserve the right to:
 * Take the site off-line for maintenance and reconfiguration.
 * Remove unwanted posts and uploaded content.
 * Revoke privileges and/or remove unwanted accounts.

So, visit the site, sign-up and post us a note. We will try to respond to all
requests. Try things out, send me or another admin any requests for site
configuration changes - or better yet, post a topic for those discussions.

And yes, Github logins are possible once you are registered.


Site location: https://forum.lede-project.org
Email: forum at lede-project.org

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