[LEDE-DEV] [RFC] brcm47xx: bump kernel to 4.4

p.wassi at gmx.at p.wassi at gmx.at
Mon Oct 24 09:43:31 PDT 2016

> I started working on this today, I reproduce see the issue during a
> lot of tests until it magically disappeared. Then LEDE started booting
> on my unit with kernel 4.4.

Oh - that rings a bell.
May I point you to a discussion we had earlier this year?

I had this issue on all my WRT54GLs:
trunk images stopped booting at "Starting program at 0x80001000".
However, if I compiled the images myself (with the exact same configuration
as the buildbot), the images would boot fine.
I later checked again: buildbot's images did not boot.
(It was kernel 4.1 back then, but it's the exact same behaviour as you describe
in the commit message)
Additionally builtbot's images worked out-of-the-box on an ASUS WL500gP V2.

Best regards,
P. Wassi

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