[LEDE-DEV] ramips: MT7621 Ethernet IRQ Balancing

John Crispin john at phrozen.org
Tue Oct 18 23:34:25 PDT 2016

On 19/10/2016 02:59, Andrew Yong wrote:
> There has previously been discussion
> (https://lists.openwrt.org/pipermail/openwrt-devel/2015-December/038118.html)
> about how Ethernet on MT7621 has affinity to only the first CPU.
> Is anyone on the list particularly familiar with why this is so or
> where the code behind this is? The SoC is very capable of faster
> Ethernet performance and I would like to take a look at whether
> there’s any low-hanging fruit in this regard.
> Cheers
> Andrew

the driver used by the MTK/arm target is derviced from this codebase and
has all these features added. you might want to look at adding MIPS
support back to it.


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