[LEDE-DEV] Vagrant file for Lede development

Simon H btsimonh at googlemail.com
Mon Oct 10 01:37:51 PDT 2016

> Neat, I assume it also works for linux distros or macOS, right? (vagrant
> by itself does, I wonder about your setup config for it)

> Anyway, I think we could add it to the wiki,
> https://wiki.lede-project.org/start (currently under construction) when
> we port the full development page from Openwrt's wiki, so we can offer
> something for Windows users too (and for users of other OSes that don't
> want to pollute their system with development configs and dependencies).

> -Alberto

Hi Alberto,
yes, it has the potential to work for all os's,  I just reviewed the
vagrant file, and i can't see any reason why it would not work... at
least as well as VVV that it was based on (which is pretty mature and
stable and popular).

Going forward I would see value in being able to configure the GIT
repo it pulls from - for the moment you would edit the provision.sh.
But it seems it does look for a 'provision/provision-post.sh' - it may
be good just to move the GIT repo reference into there, and give
simple instructions on how to change it.

The great thing for me is how disposable & recreatable the VM is.
a simple 'vagrant destroy' deletes the VM.  a simple 'vagrant up'
re-creates it fresh.

For someone just starting off with Lede/OpenWRT dev, where the first
thing you do is hacking something about in the tree until it works;
then you realise that to submit anything, you have to *start* with the
premise that you will be making a patch of it, and learn quilt.  I
think I had about 4 VMs when i did my first patch; just trying to get
things right, starting from scratch every time.....  maybe this kind
of thing will take some of the pain away, and help new contributors
retain that youthful enthusiasm :)


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