[LEDE-DEV] Vagrant file for Lede development

Simon H btsimonh at googlemail.com
Sun Oct 9 10:05:48 PDT 2016

I'm looking to contribute in some small way once again.
Not being a regular linux user, creating a build environment for
Lede/OpenWRT has always been a time-consuming process for me.

However, on other projects, I've begun to use Vagrant (specifically
VVV for web development).

Although completely new to vagrant, it's working well for me, and so i
thought i'd give it a try for Lede.

The result is on github:


If people think this is a good way to encourage developers to 'join
the cause', then maybe we could host something similar in the Lede
github, and add a 'start developing with Lede' page referencing it?

looking forward to hearing comments/suggestions...

best regards,


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