[source] Add missing APU1 reference to x86 board.d

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Tue Jun 6 14:02:30 PDT 2017

jow pushed a commit to source.git, branch lede-17.01:

commit 443d705e381ef214191a2a427f3c1b29f4c41456
Author: Kristian Evensen <kristian.evensen at gmail.com>
AuthorDate: Mon Jun 5 10:24:02 2017 +0200

    Add missing APU1 reference to x86 board.d
    x86 board.d only contains a case for the APU2, not the APU1. This
    causes, for example, network configuration not to be created correctly.
    Even though the APU1 seems to reaching EOL, there a still a lot of them
    out there.
    The APU1 and APU2 is configured in the same way and this patch should
    also be considered for stable, as the error also exists there.
    Signed-off-by: Kristian Evensen <kristian.evensen at gmail.com>
 target/linux/x86/base-files/etc/board.d/01_leds    | 2 +-
 target/linux/x86/base-files/etc/board.d/02_network | 2 +-
 2 files changed, 2 insertions(+), 2 deletions(-)

diff --git a/target/linux/x86/base-files/etc/board.d/01_leds b/target/linux/x86/base-files/etc/board.d/01_leds
index 03df810..6a5ff03 100755
--- a/target/linux/x86/base-files/etc/board.d/01_leds
+++ b/target/linux/x86/base-files/etc/board.d/01_leds
@@ -10,7 +10,7 @@ board_config_update
 board=$(cat /tmp/sysinfo/board_name) 2>/dev/null
 case "$board" in
 	ucidef_set_led_netdev "wan" "WAN" "apu2:green:led3" "eth0"
 	ucidef_set_led_netdev "lan" "LAN" "apu2:green:led2" "br-lan"
 	ucidef_set_led_default "diag" "DIAG" "apu2:green:power" "1"
diff --git a/target/linux/x86/base-files/etc/board.d/02_network b/target/linux/x86/base-files/etc/board.d/02_network
index c2af643..5bfe609 100755
--- a/target/linux/x86/base-files/etc/board.d/02_network
+++ b/target/linux/x86/base-files/etc/board.d/02_network
@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@ board_config_update
 board="$(cat /tmp/sysinfo/board_name)" 2>/dev/null
 case "$board" in
 	ucidef_set_interfaces_lan_wan "eth1 eth2" "eth0"

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