[PATCH v24 0/9] arm64: add kdump support

Marc Zyngier marc.zyngier at arm.com
Tue Sep 6 09:42:00 PDT 2016

On 06/09/16 17:15, Manish Jaggi wrote:
>>> In my setup the GICD_CTRL[RWP] bit is not cleared in the
>>> crashkernels' distributor init function.
>> Which instance is failing? The initial one (just after the initial
>> disable)? Or the one called from gic_dist_config()?
> In crash kernel, when the GICD_CTRL is set to 0x0, RWP is not getting clear.
> And is never cleared for any subsequent writes.

That's weird. It means writes are still pending, and never drained. What
happens if you put a dsb(sy) in the wait_for_rwp() loop?


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