makedumpfile availability for x86 3.2 kernels

Bouchard Louis louis.bouchard at
Thu May 10 03:37:25 EDT 2012

Hello Kumagai-san,

Le 27/04/2012 17:25, Bouchard Louis a écrit :
> I've located where makedumpfile is being used in our build process and
> I'll do my best to test it A.S.A.P.
> I've also filed a bug against it, so you can follow its evolution here :
> Kind regards,
> ...Louis

I just noticed in another thread (LZO Compression support) that you
mentioned an upcomin 1.4.4 version soon. Do you plan to include support
for the 3.2 kernels which are not yet supported ?

Kind regards,


Louis Bouchard
Backline Support Analyst
Canonical Ltd
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