Problems compiling kexec-tools

Andrea Adami andrea.adami at
Sat Jan 16 05:46:41 EST 2010

> petitboot looks interesting; but I need the tool chain ready to go for x86.
> Currently For our project, we are using a patched version of kboot which
> runs on x86.
> I do see some benefit for petitboot with the graphical menu. Ideally we'd
> need a version which reads each partition looking for multiple /boot kernels
> and present a method to select each one using a alpha char. Kinda like the
> old System Commander app.
> In my config; I'll have multiple linux kernels on the disk. I envision
> having Android, Moblin2.0, and several other flavors of linux in partitions
> and needing to boot to each at runtime.

May I jump in and ask if you know about kexecboot?

It's just kernel + minimal initramfs : kexec and kexecboot.

We would need more testing on other archs: we mostly build for arm
using OpenEmbedded.



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