Kexec for ARM: Is it expected to load old kernels?

Brian Smucker bsmucker at
Wed Apr 14 13:01:29 EDT 2010


Is there someone who can answer these questions out there?

Perhaps you could give a name of someone who could help.



Brian Smucker wrote:
> Hi
> So it appears I cannot load pre-2.6.24 kernels ARM kernels.  I have 
> some further questions.
> Is this an ARM-only thing?
> If I want to load an arbitrary kernel, am I out of luck?
> I thought theoretically kexec was able to execute arbitrary elf 
> binaries, non-kernals, etc.  Is this true, or only my own misconception?
> Or is it true in general, but not for ARM?
> If it is not true for ARM, can I fix it?
> I would like kexec to be able to boot old,old kernels, of the 2.4.16 
> vintage.
> Can you help answer these questions?
> Thanks,
> Brian

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