ARM misdetection

Simon Horman horms at
Thu Oct 1 09:52:46 EDT 2009

On Thu, Oct 01, 2009 at 03:34:01PM +0200, Andrea Adami wrote:
> Hello,
> Building kexec-tools_2.0.1 against glibc for armv5te I found out the
> code in kexec/phys_arch.c can lead to arch misdetection.
> The uname's output of my kernel is "armv5tel" and this won't match the
> string "arm".
> I added a patch to the OpenEmbedded buildsystem following the example
> in the old kexec-tools-arm.patch (arch_compat_trampoline).
> Other than adding some overhead for other archies, it just seems to work.

Extra blank lines and {} aside, this seems like a reasonable approach to me,
Could you submit it to this list with a Signed-off-by line[1]?


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