should kernel image destination address be picked up by kernel itself?

Ming Lei mlei at Brocade.COM
Tue Feb 3 15:06:02 EST 2009

Hi Eric,

I tried run latest kexec-tools v2.0 on ppc freescale 85xx platforms.

>- All of the policy decisions are made in user space (such as where to
>  execute from)
Is where to execute from the physical address or the virtual address?
How do we know it is available to kexec, it may be taken.

>- standalone executables are loaded into an address space where
>  physical address and virtual address are the same.
There may be case that physical address and virtual address not the same
on linux, such as vmalloc.

>What problem do you see in that model?
>Why is it a problem for you?

Can we put something like -1 to indicate to kernel that user space wants
kernel to choose the virtual address to load the standalone executable,
then linux kernel can kmalloc this area and then load the standalone


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