should kernel image destination address be picked up by kernel itself?

Eric W. Biederman ebiederm at
Tue Feb 3 14:52:09 EST 2009

"Ming Lei" <mlei at Brocade.COM> writes:

> As I understand the code, current destination address is picked up by
> either the user(elf image) or kexec-tools. It is not automatic, can we
> let linux kernel choose the address instead? It is automatic and no way
> to wipe out something important.

I don't follow.  The basic model of kexec is:

- kexec is fed a standalone executables (things that run without OS

- All of the policy decisions are made in user space (such as where to
  execute from)

- standalone executables are loaded into an address space where
  physical address and virtual address are the same.

- Sophisticated page swapping happens in the kernel where
  sys_kexec_load was called so that any valid address on the machine
  is available to the standalone executable.

What problem do you see in that model?
Why is it a problem for you?


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