Problems writing ELF dumps with makedumpfile 1.2.9

Ken'ichi Ohmichi oomichi at
Thu Oct 2 21:11:04 EDT 2008

Hi Kevin,

Worth, Kevin wrote:
> Using rc2 patch:
> Copying data                       : [100 %]
> The dumpfile is saved to /root/var/crash/vmcore.
> makedumpfile Completed.
> Aha! That worked!

Thank you for many tests, and I'm happy by your report :-)

> I'm suspecting the Ubuntu dev that changed the compile flags
> may not have realized what implications it could have.
> Additionally, we did resolve+test the problem with using -d
> values >1, so that is an improvement, as well. Thank you very
> much for your help in this, Ken'ichi! I'll be submitting 1.3.0
> to the Ubuntu devs as soon as the final version is released :)

I'm doing many regression tests, and I'll release the final
version until 10 October.

Ken'ichi Ohmichi

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