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Tue Jan 15 19:53:19 EST 2008

This isn't a high priority issue- just something I am looking at in  
my spare time.  I would appreciate any advice you can provide.

I am looking through some of the kexec elf relocation code, and  
noticed that reloc_name is only defined for x86_64.  I started  
writing this function for the other architectures, but noticed that  
some of the other architectures do not have contiguous r_type numbers  
(from include/elf.h).  In the x86_64 reloc_name code, r_name is an  
array of strings with all of the relocation names.  I can't (AFAIK)  
use a similar approach to architectures with non-contiguous r_type  

My questions:

Is it valuable to print out the relocation type as a string?  (I  
personally find it helpful)

If so, should the reloc_name function still reside in the kexec-elf- 
rel-$ARCH.c file?  There are 81 IA64 relocations, which make the file  
considerably longer.

If not, should there be consistency between the different  
architectures with regards to these types of error messages?  Should  
the X86_64 file print out the r_type instead of the string?


Kevin Tegtmeier
HPC-3 Scientific Computing Resources
Los Alamos National Laboratory
email:  kevint at lanl dot gov

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