minor patch to kexec-elf-rel-x86_64.c

kevint kevint at lanl.gov
Thu Jan 10 13:07:53 EST 2008

I included a one-line patch to kexec-tools-testing, at Bernhard  
Walle's request.  This prints the relocation type as a string.  I  
noticed that other architectures do not use reloc_name, but instead  
just print the r_type.  I find the reloc_name useful.

--- kexec-tools-testing-20071030/kexec/arch/x86_64/kexec-elf-rel- 
x86_64.c       2007-10-16 21:16:16.000000000 -0600
+++ kexec-tools-testing-20071030-modified/kexec/arch/x86_64/kexec-elf- 
rel-x86_64.c      2008-01-10 10:52:22.000000000 -0700
@@ -83,7 +83,7 @@
                 *(uint32_t *)location = value - address;
-               die("Unhandled rela relocation: %lu\n", reloc_name 
+               die("Unhandled rela relocation: %s\n", reloc_name 

Kevin Tegtmeier
HPC-3 Scientific Computing Resources
Los Alamos National Laboratory
email:  kevint at lanl dot gov

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