x86_64 kernel relocation question

Bernhard Walle bwalle at suse.de
Thu Jan 10 02:17:14 EST 2008

* kevint <kevint at lanl.gov> [2008-01-10 01:45]:
> I am relatively new to kexec, and am running into some problems with 
> relocations when I try to use kexec to load several different X86_64 
> kernels.  I think this is the correct list to post to, but please point me 
> in the right direction if it isn't.
> Here is some of the information on my test environment:
> $ kexec --version
> kexec-tools-testing 20071030 released 30th October 2007
> $ uname -r

Just to make sure, is CONFIG_RELOCATABLE set?

> $ kexec -l /tmp/vmlinuz
> Unhandled rela relocation: 4258616
> I noticed this line in the source file, 
> kexec/arch/x86_64/kexec-elf-rel-x86_64.c:
> die("Unhandled rela relocation: %lu\n", reloc_name(r_type));
> I figured %lu should be %s, so I changed it, and got the following output:

Can you make a patch and send it to this list so that it get fixed in
kexec-tools-testing? Cc Simon Horman <horms at verge.net.au>, the


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