kexec refuses to boot latest -mm

Dhaval Giani dhaval at
Mon Jan 7 04:18:38 EST 2008

On Sun, Jan 06, 2008 at 02:37:29PM +0100, Ingo Molnar wrote:
> * Dhaval Giani <dhaval at> wrote:
> > So I went ahead and bisected -mm, and the culprit is git-x86. It boots 
> > fine before it, but with git-x86 applied, it fails to boot.
> > 
> > Ingo/Thomas, could you please point me to the git-x86 tree so that I 
> > can bisect it? (with instructions on how to pull the -mm branch, I 
> > managed to pull the master branch, but not the -mm branch)
> sure:
> --------------{ x86.git instructions }---------->
>  git-clone git:// linux-2.6.git
>  cd linux-2.6.git
>  git-branch x86
>  git-checkout x86
>  git-pull git:// mm
>  git-log HEAD@{1}.. # see what's in #mm

Thanks for the instructions. I went ahead and did the bisect, and

commit 7dd838ea7afa42a8840cf0e262d5892346ecf379
Author: H. Peter Anvin <hpa at>
Date:   Sat Jan 5 13:27:04 2008 +0100

is the first bad commit.

git bisect log

dhaval at kernel:~/mm$ git bisect log
git-bisect start
# good: [439f61b9f9ebbf84fb7e6b3539fc3794e046bbb9] Merge
git-bisect good 439f61b9f9ebbf84fb7e6b3539fc3794e046bbb9
# bad: [5c9b01f1566f4989bb732a46c9a9c86f3e7ef9ae] x86: unregister PIT
clocksource when PIT is disabled
git-bisect bad 5c9b01f1566f4989bb732a46c9a9c86f3e7ef9ae
# good: [203bcdc3d2725751e4dc0e3749edbab3c8bf9132] move switch_to macro
to system.h
git-bisect good 203bcdc3d2725751e4dc0e3749edbab3c8bf9132
# good: [81886a1b16eec7a27f3ec94f06f585685ad08bf2] x86: i387 renaming
git-bisect good 81886a1b16eec7a27f3ec94f06f585685ad08bf2
# bad: [fc0ed2251da6ef8ad3295a02b39bed9859dc0cfc] x86: unify
git-bisect bad fc0ed2251da6ef8ad3295a02b39bed9859dc0cfc
# good: [6fa16686ee2b0cc6b02a59671ecb9d4c85beae64] change assembly
definition of paravirt_patch_site
git-bisect good 6fa16686ee2b0cc6b02a59671ecb9d4c85beae64
# bad: [1184caa02fcc2ecd780b145f4c69cc4484a8cde4] git-x86:
arch/x86/math-emu/errors.c: fix printk warnings
git-bisect bad 1184caa02fcc2ecd780b145f4c69cc4484a8cde4
# good: [e8189d0ca1970578f4b28f92928581313633be5a] x86_64 patching
git-bisect good e8189d0ca1970578f4b28f92928581313633be5a
# bad: [7dd838ea7afa42a8840cf0e262d5892346ecf379] i386: handle an initrd
in highmem
git-bisect bad 7dd838ea7afa42a8840cf0e262d5892346ecf379
# good: [8cff7d1301d37b15add1dabe6ac8a92e6c0a1c7f] i386 EFI runtime
service support: fixes in sync with x86_64 support
git-bisect good 8cff7d1301d37b15add1dabe6ac8a92e6c0a1c7f
# good: [ac3836d03c718a553634ff21c1157bb823567f4f] x86:
arch/x86/kernel/setup_32.c whitespace fixes
git-bisect good ac3836d03c718a553634ff21c1157bb823567f4f


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