kexec refuses to boot latest -mm

Ingo Molnar mingo at
Sun Jan 6 08:37:29 EST 2008

* Dhaval Giani <dhaval at> wrote:

> So I went ahead and bisected -mm, and the culprit is git-x86. It boots 
> fine before it, but with git-x86 applied, it fails to boot.
> Ingo/Thomas, could you please point me to the git-x86 tree so that I 
> can bisect it? (with instructions on how to pull the -mm branch, I 
> managed to pull the master branch, but not the -mm branch)


--------------{ x86.git instructions }---------->

 git-clone git:// linux-2.6.git
 cd linux-2.6.git
 git-branch x86
 git-checkout x86
 git-pull git:// mm
 git-log HEAD@{1}.. # see what's in #mm

(do subsequent pulls via "git-pull --force", as we frequently rebase the
git tree. NOTE: this might override your own local changes, so do this
only if you dont mind about losing thse changes in that tree.)

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