hostapd-2.10: Invalid country_code '00'

Peter Seiderer at
Sat Feb 19 02:41:48 PST 2022


since the hostapd bump to version 2.10 the special world regulatory domain
country code '00' is denied with the following error message (see e.g. [1]):

	Invalid country_code '00'

I think this happens since commit e149051ced781ef7b29ae47e98c6d06e4e666f68 ([2])

        hostapd: Validate the country_code parameter value

        cfg80211/regulatory supports only ISO 3166-1 alpha2 country code and
        that's what this parameter is supposed to use, so validate the country
        code input before accepting the value. Only characters A..Z are

Should '00' be handled/allowed as special case?



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