[PATCH] Fix a channel-to-frequency transformation in ieee80211_chan_to_freq()

Siwon Kang kkangshawn at gmail.com
Thu Mar 2 07:26:40 PST 2017


Thanks a lot for the detailed explanation.
> In theory, wnm_nei_get_chan() could be modified to clear the country
> pointer back to NULL if the third octet of the country string has 0x04
> in it. That said, I'm not convinced that all AP vendors will implement
> this correctly and as such, want to have the fallback option to look up
> the global table regardless.
Now I fully understand your intention to have this fallback routine and
what was based on that thought. My patch is to filter out the wrong
matches and return failure whereas current design is to accept those
faults done by not-so-skillful AP vendors. We shall drop this patch which
is opposite to your idea.


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