Hostapd de-auth connected clients

Arend Van Spriel arend.vanspriel at
Wed Mar 1 05:29:53 PST 2017

On 28-2-2017 23:28, Jouni Malinen wrote:
> On Tue, Feb 28, 2017 at 04:06:48PM +0530, ravin goyal wrote:
>> I am sharing link to recent debug log related to de-auth messages in
>> hostapd, I hope it might help to figure out what's really happening
>> and to know whether it is due to driver or hostapd.
>> Please take a look at this.
>> link to log file:
> It looks like number of the disconnections in the two logs are triggered
> by station inactivity check:
> 1488275056.529235: wlan0: Station 00:73:8d:43:87:2e has been inactive too long: 308 sec, max allowed: 300
> 1488275056.529389:   Polling STA
> 1488275056.529457: nl80211: send_mlme - da= 00:73:8d:43:87:2e noack=0 freq=0 no_cck=0 offchanok=0 wait_time=0 fc=0x248 (WLAN_FC_STYPE_NULLFUNC) nlmode=3
> 1488275056.529574: nl80211: Use bss->freq=2442
> 1488275056.529634: nl80211: CMD_FRAME freq=2442 wait=0 no_cck=0 no_ack=0 offchanok=0
> 1488275056.529711: CMD_FRAME - hexdump(len=24): 48 02 00 00 00 73 8d 43 87 2e 02 1a 11 f5 47 06 02 1a 11 f5 47 06 00 00
> 1488275056.530129: nl80211: Frame command failed: ret=-22 (Invalid argument) (freq=2442 wait=0)
> 1488275056.530231: nl80211_send_null_frame: Failed to send poll frame
> 1488275056.530295: ap_handle_timer: register ap_handle_timer timeout for 00:73:8d:43:87:2e (1 seconds - AP_DISASSOC_DELAY)
> This code should not have been triggered at all if the driver reported
> activity in the expected way, so I'm assuming the driver does not
> support that.. And then it does not support sending out the poll frame
> to check whether the STA is still there.
> You might be able to work around this by setting a significantly larger
> ap_max_inactivity value in hostapd.conf, but for a proper fix, someone
> more familiar with the particular driver would need to take a look at
> what's happening and why the driver does not indicate station activity.

I would suggest trying brcmfmac instead of bcmdhd. The bcmdhd is
specifically for Android and verification is done on Android targets.
Not saying your problems will be gone, but at least you can ask me for help.


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