WEP question and WPA/WPA2 password detection

Radoslaw Martyniszyn radoslaw.martyniszyn at gmail.com
Wed Mar 1 13:57:42 PST 2017


Thank you very much for answer to my previous question, it helped me.
Could you please address a few another questions:

1) Is it possible with wpa_supplicant d-bus api to detect if AP
supports WEP security? I need to distinguish somehow WEP security from
AP without security.

2) How could I detect that password entered for WPA/WPA2 connection is
incorrect? I am getting bunch of events DisconnectReason with value 2
"Previous authentication no longer valid"
when I AddNetwork and SelectNetwork with invalid psk. I am not sure if
that is the correct method for checking incorrect password

3) What is Country property needed for? Is it needed to disallow scan
on some frequencies required by regulations in some countries?

Thanks in advance for your help.


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