wpa_cli command error with Android 7

Ben Abdessalem, AmrX amrx.ben.abdessalem at intel.com
Wed Mar 1 08:00:39 PST 2017

Dear list,

With Android 7, Running any wpa_cli (v2.6-devel-7.1.1)  command is returning this error : 
                wpa_cli IFNAME=wlan0 status
	Failed to connect to non-global ctrl_ifname: wlan0  error: No such file or directory
This could be avoided when running  "wpa_cli -p /data/system/wpa_supplicant IFNAME=wlan0 status"

Comparing wpa_cli version  "wpa_cli v2.5-devel-6.0.1" (in Android 6) to "wpa_cli v2.6-devel-7.1.1" (in Android 7) we found that In Andoird.mk, DCONFIG_CTRL_IFACE_DIR is changed from "/data/system/wpa_supplicant" to "/data/misc/wifi/sockets " 
Reverting this change fixes the issue, 

Could you please confirm if this is an intended behavior for Android platforms? Or Should we apply the attached patch ? 

Many thanks,
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