[PATCH V2 0/9] nl80211: add support for PTK/GTK handshake offload

Arend van Spriel arend.vanspriel at broadcom.com
Sat Jun 3 01:08:38 PDT 2017

On 29-05-17 11:31, Johannes Berg wrote:
> So if something supports the following:
>  * client: offloaded 4-way-HS only
>  * AP: not offloaded 4-way-HS only
> Then you have to support NEW_KEY (AP case) and then using NEW_KEY to
> detect whether or not a wpa_s configuration option to not use offloaded
> 4-way-HS can be used will not work correctly.
> I don't really see that this is a sensible configuration, but I could
> imagine it existing if somebody "bolted on" AP functionality for a
> client-side chipset or something like that.

Hi Johannes,

So I want to get back to this as to assure we have the same
understanding. First off, the proposed offloads are STA-only. So if a
driver supports STA and AP mode and the 4-way-HS offload, we could
already have the case you describe here. So not really a "bolted on"
scenario I would say. It does raise the question whether or not we want
similar offloads for AP.


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