Running hostapd and wpa_supplicant on the same interface

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>>> Hi List,
>>> Is that possible to run wpa_supplicant while hostapd is running on the same
>> interface?
>>> My device will need too act as AP firstly, then after being configured by a
>> client which connected to it's AP it could connect to another AP which it was
>> supplied. Problem is when in AP mode, can I scan the SSID with
>> wap_supplicant without leaving hostapd first? Can i do it seamlessly?
>> In order to scan you can also use iw or nl80211 to perform a scan by using the
>> AP interface. There is no need to kill hostapd and use wpa_supplicant in this
>> case.
> This is not always possible when the AP interface is already beaconing. For this to work the driver needs to report NL80211_FEATURE_AP_SCAN, and you need to specify 'ap-force' in the iw scan command.

right, thanks for clarifying! Which basically means "every device not
supporting HW scan".

ok, I am digressing :)


Antonio Quartulli

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