WPA_Supplicant 2.1 bgscan won't populate scan_results

Jouni Malinen j
Fri May 29 10:32:36 PDT 2015

On Fri, May 29, 2015 at 11:04:17AM -0600, matthew stanger wrote:
> First time post, so I hope my question is in line. I'm using WPA_Supplicant
> 2.1 with Wext driver, on a Linux 2.6.27 kernel. The issue is that bgscan
> fails to populate 'scan_results' other than the network that wpa_supplicant
> is currently connected to. I can provide logs, where I preform a manual
> scan via wpa_cli. It produces ~30 'scan_results' which you can then see
> fall off/expire. After that, the bgscan triggers but scan_results show only
> 1/32 networks, which is the network which is currently connected to? After
> that the bgscan never causes the 'scan_results' list to be repopulated. If
> I run 'iwlist mlan0 scan' however, the bgscan will populate with scan
> results instantly? Any idea's on maybe something I'm doing wrong or have
> setup incorrectly?

Which driver are you using? Please also note that the bgscan
functionality was not really designed to work with WEXT (i.e., you
better use nl80211 for this) and the goal of bgscan is to find roaming
candidates within the same ESS, so while it may not be by design, not
updating results for other networks would be proper behavior.

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