WPA_Supplicant 2.1 bgscan won't populate scan_results

matthew stanger stangerm2
Fri May 29 10:04:17 PDT 2015


First time post, so I hope my question is in line. I'm using WPA_Supplicant
2.1 with Wext driver, on a Linux 2.6.27 kernel. The issue is that bgscan
fails to populate 'scan_results' other than the network that wpa_supplicant
is currently connected to. I can provide logs, where I preform a manual
scan via wpa_cli. It produces ~30 'scan_results' which you can then see
fall off/expire. After that, the bgscan triggers but scan_results show only
1/32 networks, which is the network which is currently connected to? After
that the bgscan never causes the 'scan_results' list to be repopulated. If
I run 'iwlist mlan0 scan' however, the bgscan will populate with scan
results instantly? Any idea's on maybe something I'm doing wrong or have
setup incorrectly?
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