[PATCH 2/2] test: verify correct vlan operation in multi-bss multi-vlan case

michael-dev michael-dev
Wed May 6 04:24:34 PDT 2015

Am 03.05.2015 20:37, schrieb Jouni Malinen:
> Any idea what would be causing this? I already had to add 
> to get even this far, but that did not seem to be enough to make the
> test case work for me.

you'll need CONFIG_VLAN_8021Q support in the kernel.

In addition to this, adding the link could fail if there is another vlan 
interface around that has the same vid (1) and parent (dummy0) assigned 
- for example a left over vlan1 interface.

Please find attached a patch that prints the error message into the log.

I'm running Ubuntu Trusty with mainline 3.19.3 where the testcase works 
with and without hostapd CONFIG_VLAN_NETLINK set.

  M. Braun
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