[PATCH 2/2] test: verify correct vlan operation in multi-bss multi-vlan case

Jouni Malinen j
Sun May 3 11:37:12 PDT 2015

On Mon, Apr 27, 2015 at 09:08:04AM +0200, Michael Braun wrote:
> This adds hwsim test ap_vlan_iface_cleanup_multibss. It connects two stations
> in different BSS but the same hostapd process. First both stations are in
> VLAN 1, then they get reauthenticated into VLAN 2. Due to the ordering of the
> stations moving around, this patch checks that bridge and tagged interface
> referencing counting is done globally, such that the tagged interface is not
> removed too early and not bridge is left over.

This seems to fail for me with "Exception: dummy0.1 not in brvlan1". The
reason for that shows up in hostapd log:

VLAN: Set interface brvlan1 up
VLAN: Set interface dummy0 up
VLAN: vlan_add(if_name=dummy0, vid=1, vlan_if_name=dummy0.1)
VLAN: failed to create link dummy0.1 for vlan 1 on dummy0 (11)
VLAN: br_addif(brvlan1, dummy0.1)
VLAN: br_addif: Failure determining interface index for 'dummy0.1'
VLAN: Set interface dummy0.1 up
VLAN: ifconfig_helper: ioctl(SIOCGIFFLAGS) failed for interface dummy0.1: No such device

Any idea what would be causing this? I already had to add CONFIG_DUMMY=y
to get even this far, but that did not seem to be enough to make the
test case work for me.

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