client disconnection with bgscan

Sourav sourav.chakraborty
Mon Mar 16 23:48:58 PDT 2015

[ AP1]                                               [AP2]
    |             wpa_supplicant         (Router)|
    |                                                           |
    |              hostapd(AP3)                        |

        | Client 1 |

Our setup is as above and the router supporting AP3, also runs wpa_supplicant and can roam between AP1 and AP2 based on signal strength(using bgscan).

The hostapd in AP3, AP1 and AP2 all run on same frequency.Also AP1 and AP2 use the same SSID(for simple roaming).

In this setup, roaming happens properly, but we are observing frequent disconnections from Client1 to the router having AP3.....this kind of disconnection does not happen if bgscan is not used.....the roaming is a property of wpa_supplicant and should not in any way affect client connectivity of hostapd(using the same channel).

Are we missing out on something? Is this valid behaviour?

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