802.11w - mixed robust / not robust frames during BA handling for same STA

Andreas Hartmann andihartmann
Sun Jan 11 03:13:30 PST 2015


I am wondering about the following situation which I can see here:

STA sends ADDBAReq as robust frame.
AP answers ADDBResp as robust frame.
STA triggers BlockAcckReq as *non* robust frame.
AP answers with BlockAck as *non* robust frame.

Is this the expected behavior of hostapd? I would have thought that the
first non robust frame shouldn't have been accepted by AP?

Existing config:
wpa_supplicant: ieee80211w=2
hostapd:	ieee80211w=1

I'm telling hostapd to accept both, robust and not robust frames - but I
didn't thought that this is true for an already started robust
connection, too.

If I'm doing the same with a ath9k-device (with same config), all 4
frames are robust (as expected), with another device, only the first 2
frames, the other 2 frames are not robust, because STA sends the third
frame non robust, which is accepted by hostapd.

Any idea?


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