Wi-Fi Direct Probe response from GO

anjalik at iwavesystems.com anjalik
Thu Apr 16 22:38:22 PDT 2015


I have been searching for the pinpoint issue for the GO failure, the  
Group Formation timeout error. Seems like I got a clue. When the GO is  
created after G0 negotiation between the i.MX6 board and my android  
phone , I tried scanning from a third phone an I could see the board  
name (DIRECT-FG-Android_6cf4) in the AP list. So it is beaconing and  
started to act as AP.

Logcat messages show that the GO device has received the probe request  
but no probe response being sent

D/wpa_supplicant WPS: Probe Request for PBC received from  
0f:1d:ae:fh:e6:9b (client mac id)

I analysed the code flow by adding debug prints  and reached the  
function handle_probe_req(). In the function the station info is  
obtained as

sta = ap_get_sta(hapd, mgmt->sa);

where the ap_get_sta() is

struct sta_info * ap_get_sta(struct hostapd_data *hapd, const u8 *sta)
         struct sta_info *s;
         s = hapd->sta_hash[STA_HASH(sta)];
         while (s != NULL && os_memcmp(s->addr, sta, 6) != 0)
                 s = s->hnext;
         return s;

I checked the value of s its null. And returns from the  
handle_probe_req() instead of moving to the hostapd_gen_probe_resp()  
within the handle_probe_req().

I am stuck with this issue and cannot move forward. Any help would be  

Thanks & Regards,

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