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Shvedov Yury yshvedov
Thu Mar 27 23:56:28 PDT 2014


I'm very interesting in your soft, I found it very usable and flexible. 
But I have some troubles with using our sources.

I'm trying to implement an AP in terms of remote control using your 
drivers, wrappers and other features, implemented with hostapd and 
wpa_supplicant. I haven't much time to watch through all your wrappers' 
code. But I spent some time to understand the basics of your products 
and think about scheme I'm going to implement. I need your help to judge 
correctness of my thoughts and advise what to do to make things better.

I found out that code in src/ap/ not very suitable for me because it 
needs all things (like channel, ssid hw_mode, radius, etc.) to be 
preconfigured before driver initialization. In my case I have to 
initiate driver and collect all it's hardware information before 
connecting to controller and even discovery state. So I'm going go use 
it not from very beginning of my system's live.

So, I think to use next scheme to interact with the driver via 
wpa_driver_ops interface.

 1. Parse several configuration files which look like hostapd
    configuration files, but contain only minimal amount of options like
    interface name, bridge and driver name.This interface must represent
    unique physical radio interface. Or I can use
    wpa_driver_ops::get_interfaces for such. This interfaces I will call
 2. In the stage of wtp initiation use
    wpa_driver_ops::global_init/init/init2 functions to initiate driver
    and methods like wpa_driver_ops::get_capa or
    wpa_driver_ops::get_mac_addr to get hardware information.
 3. For each master interface (2.4 and 5 GHz) I'm going to create scan
    interface to scan air while radio is in AP mode.
 4. After connection to controller I'm going to create first service
    interface for first incoming add_wlan request from controller for
    specified interface, using wpa_driver_ops::if_add and
 5. For each other new incoming add_wlan requests I'm going to use
 6. To look after clients activity I'm going to use wpa_supplicant_event
    by redefinition or wrapping hostapd callbacks.

In my opinion this scheme could be simpler in 4 and 5 points, but I 
can't find any other way except modifications of big amount of your 
code. And it will be great, if there is some example much simpler than 
hostapd: something without eap, radius and other features just WEP/open 
authentication and AP management.
I will be grateful for every kind of advise.

Kind regards
Yury Shvedov

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