[PATCH] Improve performance of reconnect operation

Jouni Malinen j
Tue Mar 11 12:26:45 PDT 2014

On Thu, Mar 06, 2014 at 10:06:04AM -0800, Peter Qiu wrote:
> Added "reattach" command to perform single-channel single-ssid
> scan instead of full scan when trying to reconnect to the currently
> "connected" network. This allows the scan result to come
> back in much faster time. In ath9k, the scan took around 12 seconds
> with full background scan, and only 0.1 second with the single-channel
> single-ssid scan. Thus, take much less time for the client to re-establish
> connection with the currently "connected" network.

Thanks, applied. Though, I modified this a bit to make the D-Bus and
ctrl_iface use the same set of commands and re-use existing
wpas_request_connection() to avoid code duplication and also to allow
even the single-channel to be skipped if the previous scan was completed
very recently.

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