Setting up an AP with SD8787 (mwifiex)

Adam Lee adam.yh.lee
Thu Mar 6 11:42:09 PST 2014

Hello everyone, my first post here.

I have a board with SD8787 (Marvell) on it. This is an integrated chipset
with BT and Wifi.
I am on Kernel 3.6 and the version of the driver is 14.66.9.p96.

 On `ifconfig`, I can see all my interfaces: eth0, mlan0, and uap0.

My configuration file is as follow:

root at melvin:~$  cat /etc/hostap-minimal.conf


When I try to bring it up:

root at melvin:~$  hostapd /etc/hostap-minimal.conf
Configuration file: /etc/hostap-minimal.conf
*Failed to create interface mon.uap0: -95 (Operation not supported)*
Failed to update rate sets in kernel module
Could not connect to kernel driver.
Using interface uap0 with hwaddr 00:19:88:24:fb:ae and ssid 'Testing'

I have boldfaced the message I think is the issue.

Any help on this will be greatly appreciated :)

Thank you,

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