using wpa_supplicant to configure wired network on centos 6.4

wangtuma2 at wangtuma2
Wed Jun 4 19:46:29 PDT 2014

I'm new to this email list and new to 802.1x and wpa_supplicant. I have been trying to configure wired (not wireless) network on centos 6.4 with command line. It seems that most (if not all) tutorials that I found are about wireless. I'm wondering if any one can show me some good tutorials on wired networks using wpa_supplicant command lines.
Also 2 related questions: (1) the wap_supplicant version on centos 6.4 is 0.7.3, and I saw the latest version is 2.2... why is the one on centos 6.4 too old? (2) other than wpa_supplicant, is there other tools (better shipped with centos by default) that can configure 802.1x authentication for wired network on centos?
Thanks a lot!--tuma
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