[PATCH 2/7] p2p: Add a utility function to retrieve local GO device address

Tomasz Bursztyka tomasz.bursztyka
Mon Jun 2 00:23:40 PDT 2014

Hi Jouni,

> Please note that wpa_supplicant does not track this type of information
> now, so no matter what you'll do with the D-Bus interface, it is
> unlikely to be able to give you this information reliably..
> It is easy to find any specific peer from the groups where the local
> device is the GO (though, there can be more than one matching group even
> though that would be pretty unlikely in real world use cases).
> For the groups where the local device is a P2P Client, there is no
> existing data structure that would store reliably a list of all group
> members.

Sure! This is not my intention. I just want to make the local 
relationship so I can
reliably tell that the Peer I (with local device) connected to ended up 
in this
group and/or that one, no matter it is a client or GO.

Thus this Members property is not going to change, it will list peers if 
only the current
group is the GO.

Peer's Groups property will list the local relationship with groups, 
still in a local
scope. I am not interested to know any other distant relationships.


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