What's the status of 802.11AC support?

Pontus Karlsson pontusjoncarlsson
Mon Aug 4 21:53:12 PDT 2014

I?m considering upgrading my WiFi NIC in my router and need to know,
if I were to get an ASUS PCE-AC68 (http://www.asus.com/us/Networking/PCEAC68/)
What could I expect from this running hostapd in terms of speed and reliability?

Bare in mind I?m very fresh when it comes to hostapd, I usually end up with a simple configuration
that partially works for my needs and stick with that for a few years.

As far as I understand it, 802.11AC in order to achieve higher speeds it needs to operate in both
2.4Ghz mode and 5Ghz mode simultaneously. Does this work properly in hostapd?

Thanks in advance!

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