query regarding ctrl_iface for WPS PIN method

Abbhishek Misra abhishekfishy2000
Thu Sep 19 04:28:21 PDT 2013

Hello All,

I'm new to this list please don't mind my ignorance, will soon catch up
with acceptable standards.

I wish to understand following

Why the control interface for pin method expects used to provide BSSID?

static int wpa_cli_cmd_wps_pin(struct wpa_ctrl *ctrl, int argc, char *argv[])
	if (argc == 0) {
		printf("Invalid WPS_PIN command: need one or two arguments:\n"
		       "- BSSID: use 'any' to select any\n"
		       "- PIN: optional, used only with devices that have no "
		return -1;

	return wpa_cli_cmd(ctrl, "WPS_PIN", 1, argc, argv);

I was expecting that user would be providing SSID and associated PIN.

Please help me understand why bssid is needed, here.

I'm working on user interface that requests human user to provide
ssid, do you recommend that one should do a scan and determine bssid
for the provided ssid and then use this interface.

Abhishek Misra
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