streaming video and iOS

Jonathan Haddad jon
Sat Sep 14 14:40:48 PDT 2013

Hello all,

I've recently set up hostapd v1.0 on a Ubuntu 13.04 box.  I've configured
hostapd using a bridge & WPA PSK.  Almost everything is working - the only
caveat is streaming video to iOS.    I initially set up the box on a subnet
with dnsmasq, which had the same issue.  Originally I thought the problem
was specific to plex, but just discovered today it's happening with any
video that appears to stream to the iOS device.  I've tried an iPhone & and
iPad, same problem.  What's really strange is that it works from my MacBook
Pro, and from those devices when I put them on the primary wireless router
in the house.

If I watch tcpdump with -A, I'll see something like: "GET
come through, but no video ever gets streamed.

Any ideas what I should look at?

Jon Haddad
skype: rustyrazorblade
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