configuring hostapd.conf & auth type

eMyListsDDg emylistsddg
Thu Sep 12 21:02:50 PDT 2013

have a couple of questions please:

1) i have these lines in my hostapd.conf and want to know which is more secure:

   wpa_pairwise=TKIP or wpa_pairwise=CCMP ?

i'm also using:


i'm not fully understanding which group cipher gets used when i have wpa_pairwise set to TKIP and rsn_pairwise set to CCMP.
trying to batten down my configs as best i can. this is home network but i want it as secure as i can.

2) also, is it more secure to use a "wpa_passphrase= " entry or putting a passphrase in a "wpa_psk_file= " file ?

that is to say "wpa_passphrase=" versus "wpa_psk_file= " as in which is more secure?

note: i emailed this to this group on 9.9 but i don't see it so i repost


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