802.11e / QBSS Load Element

Matt Causey matt.causey
Tue Sep 3 06:12:29 PDT 2013

Hello all,

I've a question for the maintainers and perhaps others out there who may be
maintaining internal patches to the supplicant.  I was reading about a data
field that is present in the AP beacons of some infrastructures known as
the QBSS (QoS-enhanced Basic Service Set) load element.  The field contains
some information about the access point, station count, channel
utilization, and available admission capacity[1].

In some AP-dense environments, it might be advantageous to use some data
about the access point to inform roaming actions.  For example, if the
clients could make roaming calculations based on the number of clients on
the access point in addition to the RSSI information, it could cause a more
even distribution of clients across access points.

Is there any work happening right now that would make use of these
additional data fields in the AP beacons?  Any feedback would be welcome;
I'd like to avoid re-inventing any of this functionality, should we decide
to try and build this functionality into the supplicant.



[1] - http://www2.informatik.hu-berlin.de/~wolter/publications/UKPEW2005.pdf
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