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<div dir=3D"ltr"><div><div>Hi,<br><br></div><div>Would like to know, from w=
here the EAP state machine is getting triggered for a case like below:<br><=
br></div>=C2=A0When=C2=A0 we are receiving a message from radius server , i=
n ieee802_1x_receive_auth, if we receive, RADIUS_CODE_ACCESS_CHALLENGE, sm-=
>eap_if->aaaEapReq=C2=A0 is set to TRUE, after which ieee802_1x_decap=
sulate_radius is called . <br><br></div><div>After returning, from there ea=
pol_auth_step(sm); is called which triggers the EAPOL state machine.<br><br=
></div><div>After that, looks like EAP state machine is getting triggered t=
o handle the state of AAA_RESPONSE.<br><br></div><div>From where is the EAP=
 state machine getting triggered?<br><br></div><div>Thanks,<br>Sarah<br></d=


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